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Work in progress, please do not alter for now! - Theo

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The JFPSAA Snitch Incident
File:/conflicts2/note block.png

A note block, similar to the ones used by Rourke750 and mattamattress

Dates 2013.08.28 - Ongoing
Location Widespread; Minas Minas, Aurora, Bryn, Solis,
Result Reparations paid to aggrieved parties; pearling and arbitration.
The wider Civcraft world 'JFPSAA'; Rourke750, mattamattress, igotyou
Leaders and Commanders


<This side's number of players> <Other side's number of players>
<one side's loss> <other side's loss>


<The Lead Up>

<You may describe an event that took place before the following event here that led to the conflict. Or this section may be deleted if nothing is related to the big event or the event was unimportant enough to need only one sentence, etc.>

<The Event's Name>


<Describe the conflict, war, or grief> <Include subreddit posts, pics, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence for the cause to the events of the conflict>

Suspicions of Cheating

<Discuss players cheating and hacking during the conflict>

Minor Effects

<Describe the minor lasting effects, or unimportant events associated with the conflict. Such as griefers getting on alts to keep on attacking the city in a pitiful way for a month after the conflict's end.>

Effects on <City, town, etc.>

<Describe lasting effects, like population leaving the city for good, buildings gone forever, and political problems. Destruction of most of a city's buildings is another example that can go here>

  1. This is an example of a teamname instead of the use of many names to describe a side's leaders.