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Brynian-Grundeswegian Conflict

A prejudiced conflict between Bryn and Grundeswald in which both sides have been slandering each other for being horrible people. It has sparked many subreddit arguments and has even caused the movement of Grundeswegian people.



One citizen of the Katten Khanate called Ronald Grundeswald didn't quite understand the world generation and dug a tunnel thousands of blocks until he came across diamonds, there he founded New Zion. Upon the destruction of Istanbul and its satelite state the Katten Khanate the newly created shelter of New Zion welcomed in a few refugees of these two cities. Arriving at New Zion these refugees discovered they were within chat range of Bryn. Soon talk came about of a rail to connect the two settlements. Upon completing the tunnel the members of New Zion asked the Brynians to uphold their pledge to donate some rails to the cause, they declined.

Salisbury and pearling of citizens


Not long after New Zion was turned into the Grundeswald Freestate and began plans to turn the ruins of an abandoned True Neutral League town into the new city of Salisbury. Bryn objected to these plans and came to an agreement that none of the ruins be touched. The Grundeswegians turned the ruins into a slum while building a new city next to it.

Pearling of Grundeswegian citizens

The Grundeswegians said some words which was considered offensive within Bynian culture (most notably nigger). They were pearled by some angry Bryn residents and were released under the condition that they would not use such words within the Brynian chatrange.

Mass Grundeswegian exodus and continual harassment

Brynians still claimed to be unsatisfied with some of the words being used by Grundeswald residents and invaded, looking for people to pearl. Fed up with of the and according to Grundeswald members hypocritical) censorship imposed upon them the Grundeswegians left for new territory seeking refuge in their embassy in New Leningrad until they found a comfortable place to settle. This period was marked by by heated arguing involving both sides on reddit and in-game. Not long after the Grundeswegians found a new home and rebranded their state and installing a new type of government the Brynians found their continual harassment of the Grundeswegians to be ineffective so they tried to ignite a war by sending terrorists to try and break the will of the Grundeswegians.


Today tensions between the two nations are officially neutral but some negative opinions still exist on each side.