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2nd Brynnonite-Claytician Conflict////
Dates 14 August 2013 - 15 August 2013
Location Bryn
Result Decisive victory for Bryn

Minas Minas

Claytician City
Leaders and Commanders




17 13-15
0 7



On the night of August 14th, 2013 (est) early tips of an imminent invasion began to trickle their way to power players in Bryn. The tips were originally wishy washy and almost impossible to fact check. After initial hesitation, an effort to confront the Clayticians was made by killyourfacego in an attempt to prevent conflict. The tips were confirmed by Gandaf007, and Killyourfacego was informed that the minds of the Clayticians were set on war. All olive branches were turned away, and the Clayticians began to assemble their forces at 0,0 as a meeting point before the invasion.

The stated reason for conflict was the desire of those from Claytician City to pearl MrGerbic, Killyourfacego, Dkode80 and Pala52. The deeper motives of their actions remain unclear. Theories range from ties to ZombieLenin (very unlikely by most opinions of Brynnonites) to a simple act of imperialism fueled by overinflated egos.

Upon the realization an attack was imminent within the coming hour, Bryn began to mobilize its forces. Alert messages were quickly sent out to residents over Reddit, and requests for help quickly made to members of Kappi and Minas Minas. 15 minutes after a state of emergency was informally declared an army of fully geared fighters was assembled and ready for the coming battle, with reinforcements pouring in from other communities.

The Battle of Bryn

The battle was the largest gathering of combatants since the map reset. The Clayticians initially landed on the south west coast of Bryn and quickly advanced east toward Bryn's town square. Clashes began immediately between the Bryn Public Farm and Bryn Museum, with both sides maintaining rough formations for the initial 2-3 minutes of the battle. After 3 minutes into the battle Clayticians began to break and rout, heading back towards the sea from which they came.

Coalition forces on the Bryn side began to chase down the fleeing forces who attempted to regroup. The battle would continue for another 30 minutes with skirmishes sporadically erupting throughout the town.

As the battle began to come to an end, it became clear that the coalition had held strong and won a decisive victory for Bryn.


The Clayticians were defeated, with 7 members pearled and vaulted on their side and 0 on Bryn's.