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The Aurora and Bryn DRO Grief

Aurora's Stairs Made Hard to Use

Dates July 1, 2013 - July 2
Location Aurora and Bryn
Result Bryn Fixed by ttk2, Aurora screwed
Aurora, Bryn Al Kaowni, VPNers
Leaders and Commanders
Aurora, Bryn Mandy, others
30+ 4+
DRO griefed Banned, or at large


Events of the Previous Day

Aurora and Bryn a day before the griefings had a major disagreement due to the early release of some griefers that Bryn held. This disagreement, as Ryu explains, was mainly due to the release of the_badash, as all others released had paid full reparations. Still, the situation heated up enought that a war could have broken out between the two members of the True Neutral League.

Attack on Bryn


The two griefers posted a video of the DRO attack here to show off the damage they dealt to Bryn. DRO was placed everywhere, including some malicious shapes such as swastikas and genitalia. Within seven minutes, they were killed, and later into the night, they were pearled. Bryn had placed a 200 diamond bounty on GoliathSoupLover, an extremely high bounty at the time of CivCraft's second map. In addition, they were banned later.

This attack may have been an attempt to anger Bryn into a conflict with Aurora over recent disagreements. This failed because Bryn suspected the grief was an attempt by an outside party to cause war.


As ttk2 explained, "DRO placed last night by goliathsouplover and amurdza will be removed, just point us to it. Both players are as of this morning banned and we had planned for goliath to be banned the following morning before the incident occurred."

Both users employed VPNs. It is, as of July 3, 2013, unknown who the main accounts of the griefers were. However, it is suspected Y_ankees may have helped. However, Y_ankees denies he did anything.

Attack on Aurora

Return of the Al Kaowni

It is unknown if Mandy, Rums, and Riran planned or helped the earlier Bryn Grief. It is evident, despite her actions prior, that she, and the Al Kaowni, are not interested in a peaceful relationship with Aurora, instead they wish to pursue the same path as on 1.0.

Mandy's vault was broken open. It is nearly certain the vault existed mostly, or entirely, as a decoy, in an effort by Mandy to get others to believe her intention to play legitimately with the start of 2.0. She then removed the obsidian and diamonds from the vault to use in the DRO attack on Aurora. Unfortunately, she had held many prisoners in this vault, which were promptly released upon the dismantling of the vault. These once imprisoned griefers promptly returned to griefing and raiding.

The Attack

Mandy, Rums, and Riran stuck with DRO. The DRO, when seen by Rei's Minimap is like black dots all over the white roads of Aurora. Damage included blocked stairs, blocked access to shopping areas, and blocked access to houses.

Her damage upon Aurora is much longer lasting than Bryn's. Ttk2 acted to remove the DRO of Bryn due to VPNers, however that of Aurora was done legitimately, thus instead, the cleaning will likely DROne on for several weeks. In a morning Change Log, ttk2 proposed that diamond reinforced gold blocks placed adjacent to DRO, and let sit for 48 hours would break the reinforcement on the obsidian, however this idea is still in its speculation stage. It gained support from other admins soon after. This change will likely heavily affect game dynamics, offering buffs for both good and bad intent.