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Bohr Island War////
Dates ?
Location Bohr Island
Result Decisive victory for Bohr/Orion Forces

North Bohr


New Leningrad

Leaders and Commanders




7 10
0 1


Bohr War

The Bohr Island war was a conflict taking place south of Aurora in between the town of Freyr, and citizens of the Island Bohr. It should be noted that this was a mainly Role-played war, other than Orion's intervention.

Freyr Invasion

Invaders from Freyr landed on the small Island of Bohr, and quickly claimed the south side for their country. When Ogel6000, the leader of Bohr started tearing down the wall built by the troops, he was pearled by them, and placed in a vault near New Leningrad.

Orion Involvement

Due to Orion's previous issues with New Leningrad, and with many citizens not wishing to see Ogel pearled for a righeous cause, a decleration was given. The Orion government demanded two things The return control of Bohr Island to Ogel, and for Ogel to be freed. Both were knocked down by the Freyr belligerents. At this time Orion sent in 4 armed personnel, which met up with 3 others near Bohr, in anticipation of the coming attack. The allied force stormed the island of Bohr, and immediately started breaking down the wall with advanced tools. A secondary wall was then constructed ( with an Orion Flag of course), to begin the attack on South Bohr. South Bohr was retaken within the hour.

The Freeing of Ogel6000

The 4 Orion soldiers and 1 other then went to the vault Ogel was being kept in, with the others remained behind to make sure a counter attack didn't occur. The vault was quickly found and broken. It was a 1 layer DRO, 2 layer IRW, and a diamond reinforced chest. Ogel6000 was freed, and his land returned.


People would later accuse Orion of imperialist ideals, even though Orion cut ties with Bohr after securing its peace. Seldomshock would later be one of the Generals for Orion during the Cuban war.