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Balkanian War for Sovereignty

The Balkanian War for Sovereignty, Otherwise known as: The Rapé of New Serbia, Balkanian Independence War, War of Senntisten Aggression, or the Police Action against the illegal claims of Spongesuds, was a 6 hour war first between The Empire of Senntisten and the Despot of Balkania and Squid16192, then between the Private Citizen agentnola and the Despot of Balkania.

Events Leading up to the Conflict

The root causes of the war go back to the founding of Balkania, what originally looked like a small Role Play nation right outside Senntisten's borders turned out to be a Small Role Play city within them. After the initial founding of Balkania, several solutions were put forward but none went through. After awhile the Senntisten Government started practicing a policy of One State and did not interfere with the Balkanians, whilst the Balkanian State grew. After the Valleran Conflict many of the soldiers that were commissioned by the emperor were still armed in protection 4 Armour, and spurred by some words said by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Governor of Londinium, agnetnola, took it upon himself to annex the state of Balkania.

The Conflict

The Conflict began when Senntisten Soldiers marched into Balkania and took it's chief builder prisoner. They then sieged the main place of residence for the architect before being interrupted by the Minister of Economics of Senntisten, Squid. Squid was killed by the Senntisten forces and 15 diamonds of reparations were paid for the return of his bow and swords. Finally after hours of Siege, The King of Balkania came for Negotiations and a truce was signed.


The Actual short term effects between the two countries did not change. Senntisten did not recognize Balkania as a sovereign state and Balkania continued to make the claim. However the conflict had larger consequences. For Example, the conflict and the killing of Squid, which lead to two other illegal arrests, known as the ¨Squid's Unjust Police Action¨, was the pivotal moment in the Impeached of Squid from the office of Minster of Economics. Also the conflict, which started with the raiding of a Orthodox temple, lead to the creation of a catholic church in Balkania and Orthodox Temple in Londinium. The conflict also is general credited for being the root cause of the ¨UMM-Senntisten Crisis¨