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Aurora/Bryn-New Leningrad Conflict////
Dates 16 July 2013 - 17 July 2013
Location New Leningrad
Result Pearling of ZombieLenin

New Leningrad economy damaged
Temporary pearling of many New Leningrad residents, some Aurorans and Brynnians,

MrGerbic FlagNew Leningrad

flag Grundeswald

Leaders and Commanders
MrGerbic FlagZombieLenin

flag Kovio

4 6
1 2


Aurora/Bryn-New Leningrad Conflict


After ZombieLenin boldly announced that he was the "Ever Victorious Premier of the Federal Workers Republic of Plusminus" claiming control of the entire +,- and declaring that the True Neutral League was officially part of his new "Federal Workers Republic of Plusminus", ZombieLenin started production of his new paper currency, the Lenning. He then began traveling around the quadrant to offer his new currency to the workers of all cities, handing out free Lennings, and encouraging shops to switch to his new currency. While some welcomed the new paper currency and a chance at true Leninism, it also led to outrage and confusion from other residents of the quadrant, mostly in Aurora and Bryn.

During this, prominent Bryn resident MrGerbic allegedly uncovered evidence that ZombieLenin was alledgly hiring griefers to attack Bryn and Aurora to destablise their governments. This apparently included notable griefer The_BadAsh, who had committed some petty crime in Aurora a month before speaking with ZombieLenin. ZombieLenin later admitted to and apologized for hireing the griefers.

Before the Attacks

Tensions were high between New Leningrad and the citizens of Aurora and Bryn. Arguments broke out on the civcraft subreddit, and accusations were flying wildly. New Leningrad was on high alert.

Things went south when three foreign visitors in New Leningrad were assaulted by an over-zealous new resident. Kovio, who had been in New Leningrad waiting to talk to ZombieLenin, was walking around town when she came across a guard named Oleg. Oleg was nervous of Kovio, and so Kovio disarmoured herself. Oleg then took the chance to stab Kovio in the back, and pearl her. Around the same time two Aurorans who had travelled to new Leningrad to purchase Lennings, were also killed and pearled by Oleg. Though Oleg had acted against orders and ZombieLenin declared him a wanted fugitive, these events became the sparks that lit a massive fire. This incident did not damage the close relationship between New Leningrad and Grundeswald that by all reports remains strong to this day.

The Attacks

MrGerbic's Freeing of Prisoners

After hearing of the pearling of two Aurorans and Kovio, MrGerbic (using his alternate account Ice_9) and a team of comrades from Bryn and Aurora made their way to New Leningrad with the intent of freeing everyone pearled, and pearling ZombieLenin. They arrived and freed Kovio and one of the captured Aurorans (the other was left behind later to be freed by ZombieLenin himself). MrGerbic then turned his attention toward Oleg and chased Oleg, only for Oleg to log out.

In the confusion of the situation, it was incorrectly believed that Aurora was officially behind the incursion into New Leningrad, and tensions between the two cities remained strained throughout the course of the event.

First Attack on Leningrad and Pearling of ZombieLenin

The next day New Leningrad residents attempted to rally and route the invaders, however experienced fighter MrGerbic was able to fend off the forces. MrGerbic found ZombieLenin, who gave up without a fight, and pearled him. In the end, many Leningrad residents were either pearled or had fled the city and New Leningrad was left without their leader. MrGerbic was widely condemned for this very controversial act.

Second Attack on Leningrad

The following day day MrGerbic was joined by Killyourfacego and CatZombies. Leningrad residents had accused MrGerbic's posse of planting snitches in the area around the city, and had pearled a Bryn soldier during the fighting. The prisoner of war was freed and more New Leningrad residents were pearled.

Vault Raid and Printing Press Sabotage

MrGerbic's group returned to the city with some reinforcements. The city valuables vault was broken into. The raiding party claimed they took nothing of value, while Leningrad reported many items lost.. The attackers were also accused of shutting down the printing press by estroying it and replacing it with DRO, though MrGerbic denied ever touching it and no snitches properly recorded what actually happened. Bryn resident Killyourfacego later admitted that he had destroyed the printing press while letting MrGerbic take the blame.


Most of the New Leningrad prisoners were released as the attackers left town, by having their pearls deposited in random unprotected chests.


The attackers declared the incursions a success and claimed that their cause was just. The New Leningrad comrades claimed Bryn/Aurora invaders were nothing but lowly raiders and that they should all be pearled. ZombieLenin also posted the coords on the subreddit to the vault in Bryn where he was being held, and urged many people to come free him. There was also a leaked conversation with the Chief Diplomat of New Leningrad, BolleDeBoll, discussing plans on freeing ZombieLenin in an attack that would involve the pearling of Bryn fighters and griefing Bryn. Meanwhile, the New Leningrad public relations machine continued on, proclaiming that the glorious leader was on vacation in Brimstone.

An outraged ZombieLenin broke character and declared that he had only been roleplaying and that it was no excuse for his pearling or any of the subsequent attacks. He and others declared the Aurora and Bryn were the enemies who had conspired against him to destroy New Leningrad and his government. Auroran government officials made the argument that they had had no part in the attacks and Aurora's involvement was only through the independent actions of those who lived there. Bryn, being a state comprised solely of individuals, had no official statement.

ZombieLenin was sentenced to one week in the End, but an arbitration by Erich_Honeker decided the length of his sentence. MrGerbic also stated that any attacks to free ZombieLenin would add one week to his sentence.

Public Reactions

New Leningrad was fearful and Aurora and Bryn residents wondered what would happen next. Many people pledged their support for ZombieLenin, some acquaintances of MrGerbic declared their support him, Bryn and Aurora. A combination of public opinion turning against him and furious New Leningrad citizens led to every comment of MrGerbic being downvoted out of view. A similar, more organised, yet less effective effort was directed against Lenin and his supporters.

Vault Protest Massacre

At the call of ZombieLenin a peaceful protest asking for his release was organised by the ever-loyal workers of New Leningrad. A cobblestone and dirt floor was built, covering everything but the two topmost tiers of the vault. Above and below this floor shacks of low-end material were erected as a sign of solidarity towards ZombieLenin. On July the 20th, Ice9 responded by pearling protestors. A large group of unarmed protestors were sent to the End to join ZombieLenin. As a sign of support for ZombieLenin and his supporters people put a rose outside their window. After the massacre and the disgusted reaction of ordinary subreddit readers, MrGerbic chose to enter arbitration with ZombieLenin. Both parties agreed on Dr_Oracle as the arbitrator.

The arbitration ended with ZombieLenin being freed and receiving 50 iron blocks as compensation. The pearled protesters were freed with him, but did not receive any compensation for lost items.


The New Leningrad Printing Press was replaced by DRO, and some cows were killed to feed the soldiers occupying the city.