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CivTemp was the temporary server iteration between Civcraft 2.0 and 3.0, meant for testing the plugins which will be used in 3.0.



On the server, the world is split into several smaller worlds, so-called "shards", which are listed below, including townships on them.

Name Sovereign Shard Coordinates Type
Boundary ? Aleph 833,633 Town
Claystone ? Aleph -498,726 Town
Heartland Heartland Federation Aleph -200,700 City
Salt River City ? Aleph 4,-281 City
Sanctuary ? Aleph ? Town
Asphodel Fields ? Bet ? Town
Sibetia ? Bet ? Town
Nixonia CUNT Bet ? City
Alexandria Concordia Tet ? City
Bongoland Bongo Free State Tet ? Town
Libra ? Tet ? City
Librose Bongo Free State Tet ? Village
Petrograd ? Tet ? City
Astratlan Yoahtl Gimmel ? City
Kostos Yoahtl Gimmel ? Town
God's Grove Yoahtl Gimmel ? Town
Babylon Yoahtl Gimmel ? Village
Iraq Yoahtl Gimmel ? Village
Chancer CUNT Gimmel ? Village
Aegis Aegis Gimmel ? Town
New Orion GNA Gimmel ? City
Aquila Aquila Gimmel ? Town
Vaultside Vaultside Gimmel ? Village
Seaside Seaside Gimmel ? Town
Uno Lazuli ? Gimmel ? Village
Faldstadt ? Gimmel ? ?