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People operate businesses on civcraft.

Private businesses

Businesses run by a few individuals not tied to a government.

General Trading

Armour and protection

  • LADS, a now defunct private security company.
  • Prot420, armament production
  • etc
  • Libratorium, A now defunct bookshop operated by Weishaar

Construction and Design

  * [[businesses:baukunst|Baukunst]] - An architecture and design bureau

Resources and farming

Shipping and Transportation

State owned businesses

Businesses tied to governments.




GrundesCorp is company tied to the Grundeswegian state and have a wide variety of services available

Papa Scrungeli's

Papa Scrungeli's is a state funded conglomerate that branches out into many special services.

New Danzilona


Business owned States

Governments owned and run by business interests.