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Local Languages English
Products / Services Blank Books, Written Literature
Owner Weishaar
Locations Mount Augusta
Net Worth/Month Defunct

Business Model

The Libratorium was created by Weishaar in an attempt to bring more variety into the marketplace. The sales of written books would allow Weishaar to carry a theoretically unlimited amount of literature for sale. Unfortunately for Weishaar, Civcraft was still operating in version 1.7.10 which meant that all books could be copied an unlimited amount of times, effectively destroying his intended monopoly.

Writing Frenzy

During the brief heyday of the Librartorium, authorship became a trending pastime for Augustans and Gensokyojin. During that time, a number of locals produced literature. The most prolific and notable was Paradox095 who wrote the My Series. This trilogy - containing the titles My Craving, My Desire, and My Passion - were primarily marketed as shock erotica on the same level as that of historic writer Siksta. As the local book shopkeeper, Weishaar took all possible measures to ensure that any people exposed or subject of this trilogy was over the age of majority. Paradox095's series was the catalyst for the "Gentlemen's Club" in the Library of Augusta.

Transition to Public Service

With the impending failure of the Libratorium due to declining book sales, Weishaar rapidly rebranded the Libratorium into the Library of Augusta. Weishaar removed all profit making from the operating model of the Libratorium and, instead, introduced a 5i refundable deposit for all books. </WRAP>

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