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= Bastion =

A minecraft mod designed for use with /r/civcraft

= Features:=
  • Destroys blocks placed in a cylinder of configurable radius starting just above a reinforced target block (Bastion block) at the price of a configurable amount of reinforcement if the placer is not a member of the reinforcing group
  • Prevents dispensers dispensing water, lava, and flint and steel if the owner of there reinforcement is not allowed to place blocks
  • Prevents pistons pushing into the Bastion field (Area where block placement is restricted) if the owner of the reinforcement would not be allowed to place there.
  • Prevents teleportation through the the Bastion field by non-members (Note this is highly experimental and may be better disabled)
= Modes:=
  • When clicking a block inside a Bastion field tells you if you have access
  • When clicking a bastion block gives some basic information on it
  • When a Bastion block is clicked remove the bastion field while maintaing the reinforcement
  • Default clicking on blocks does nothing
  • Any target block reinforced will become a Bastion Block
  • Any reinforced target block clicked will becomea Bastion if you have access
= Commands:=
  • /bsi Puts the player into info mode
  • /bsd Puts the player into delete mode
  • /bso Puts the player into normal mode
  • /bsc puts the player into create mode
  • /bsb puts the player into bastion mode
= Maturity:=
  • When a bastion is first created it starts much weaker
  • While it matures any blocks placed within the field do much more damage
  • Until mature ender pearls are not blocked.
  • INFO mode gives some information on the time till maturity
= Use:=
  • Place the "target block" and reinforce it
  • Enter /bsb and click the block
  • A bastion block has been created
= To install:=
  • Add Bastion.jar to the server /plugins directory
  • Confirm that Citadel is also installed
  • Launch the server or copy the default configuration file
  • Create a Mysql database and account for the plugin
  • Specify in the configuration file
  • Relaunch the server

======= Permissions:======= Bastion.normal

  • Ability to use basic set of commands


  • Gives access to /bsm to mature a bastion instantly
  • sets Bastion.bypass to true


  • Bastions should not effect you (not well tested)

  • /bsi gives extra info
= To compile:=
  • Download Bukkit
  • Download Citadel
  • Download Humbug
  • Link to Bukkit, Citadel, and Humbug then compile