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New KryapolisAuroran Republic
A Common House
Languages English, German
Demonym Kryapolitans
Government Republic
Pantarch Pantostado1066
Chancellor Kieran6383
Establishment July 2016 (3.0)
Abbreviation NK
Founder Kieran6383


New Kryapolis


New Kryapolis is a colony of the Auroran Republic. It is a colony town and farming outpost in Auroran Republic. The coordinates serving as the four corners of the village are (685,-162), (685,-327), (770,-162), and (770,-327). The farming portion of said colony is connected to the town by a small 10-block wide corridor. The coordinates serving as the four corners of the southern farming square are (750,0), (750,500), (1250,0), and (1250, 500). These coordinates are in the shard known as “Tjikko” or the “taiga shard.” File:Http:// The location of New Kryapolis on a map of Tjikko


At the beginning of 3.0, former Western Empire subject, Kieran6383 and longtime Aurora citizen, BelovedDictator (formerly ScarredWarlord) Set out on a journey to make a colony in preperation for settling in Naunet, the ocean shard. Kieran had found the shard next to Naunet, Tjikko, so he started hollowing out a house in a tree and building a road to the next hollow tree, which Beloved would settle in. The APC, or Auroran Planning Commission, gave Kieran6383 permission to develop the city as he saw fit, as it was only temporary.

As the city developed, so did the unrest among the Concordians due to the close proximity of New Kyrapolis to the first landing of Concordia. The Aurorans of NK wanted to expand their claims southeast, so as to not interfere with the Concordian city development. This could not happen, however, as Concordia started to surround the city with shacks to solidify their claims. This started a conflict that would eventually be settled with diplomacy, but nevertheless almost ended in war. This conflict eventually settled when Tambien_Sinclair and Kieran6383 decided on a corridor to lead to a farm area, south of the settlement. This gave the Aurorans the farmland that they needed, but caused a disruption in border flow.

When people left for [[3/towns/Aquora|]], the colony became increasingly desolate, but it soon found a new purpose as Aurora's main source of food.