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AquoraAuroran Republic
The Developing Aquoran Skyline
Languages English, German
Demonym Aquorans
Government Republic
Pantarch Pantostado1066
Chancellor Kieran6383
Establishment August 2016 (3.0)
Abbreviation AQ
Founders crazyguy200, Tambien_Sinclair, pantostado1066




Aquora can be found in -420, -420, its the Capital of the Auroran Republic File:Http:// The location of Aquora on a map of Naunet


The founders made the anchor by dropping off someone at a higher part of the trench wall and then dropping him wood. He made a fence pathway to the coords and built the anchor up to the others.


Deep underwater, life is a bit different. Aquora is of a business and neutrality culture. The skyline is dotted with many Wavescrapers because of how beneficial it is to build them as opposed to shacks. The citizens live as a community but the economic aspect is more individual. The populace lives off of mushrooms and rabbits, from a shard over, and usually builds with stone, glass, clay, and prismarine.