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Innitial history in The Roman Empire: Tiberious Zucious has achieved much in his life. Born in The Roman Empire in the city of Antilus Tiberious was raised on a large wheat farm owned by his family. As firstborn to Marcus Zucious, Tiberious lived a life of poverty within an forgotten family. Due to family disputes the Zucious family had all but torn itself apart within the last few generations. Tiberious was given head position of the family at age 16 after the death of his father and mother and disappearance of most of the other members of the family. Due to family debt Tiberious and his brother Caius were thrown onto the streets and their family name all but erased. Tiberious soon after joined the Roman Legion at age 17 Tiberious quickly rose through the ranks and took up the mantle of Centurion. Under the command of Legate Rutillus Augustus Tiberious lead several invasions and occupations of foreign lands. The success of his Cohort was enough to get recognized by Emperor Jasonious Augustus himself. Finding the Zucious history Jasonious quickly put Tiberious in charge of his own legion. Legion Ferratta let several more wars against barbarian tribes and civilized nations alike. Deciding that his days of conflict were over Tiberious retired from his successful career at the age of 18. At that time he was appointed to the Senate and given charge of a provence. Enjoying the luxurious life of an important family in Rome Tiberious hado several mansions designed and built for himself. However he did not realize his influence and power had its limits. Upset with the trend of the empire Tiberious did something Noone had done before. He challenged the power of the recently reinstated Emperor Marinus and High Legate Rutillus. Both of which resided in the prominent Augustus family. Tiberious was promptly banished and sent as a civil leader of an expedition to find new lands to settle.