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Auroran RepublicAurora
Languages English, German
Capital Aquora
Demonym Aurorans
Government Republic
Pantarch Pantostado1066
Chancellor kieran6383
Establishment May 2013 (2.0)
Abbreviation Au
Founders File:/3/nations/panto.pngPantostado1066



The Auroran Republic is a continuation of the country by the same name in 2.0, itself a continuation of Agora from 1.0.

We have a long and rich history, dating back all the way to the middle of the HCF invasion. We have had lots of time to observe both ourselves and Civcraft, and the lessons we learned both from our own history and the history of others around us has informed how we operate today. Technically we're a constitutional monarchy under the Pantarch and an elected Chancellor, but in reality we're closer to a direct democracy or a representative republic depending on which parts of our charter are active. We're a very friendly group of people, and operate under a strict neutrality policy in international affairs. Our claims in Tjikko are for a village and megafarms, meant to support our capital and our industry which will be built in Naunet. There, we're placing Aquora: an underwater city, drawing from our long 2.0 history of messing around in the water.

Technologically, Aurora has a stone smelter, sand smelter, and wood processor.


Pantarch-Regent Tambien_Sinclair announced a "Coal Standard" in early August 2016, setting a national exchange range of 64 coal ore per diamond. [1] On 8/17/16 at 4:20 AM, Kieran6383 was elected chancellor, in aurora's first coalition government.


Flag Name Mayor Type Aquora File:/3/nations/tambien.pngTambien_Sinclair Capital New Kryapolis File:/3/kieran.pngkieran6383 Farming Colony