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History of Civcraft: Worlds

Civcraft: Worlds, or Civcraft 3.0, is the name given to the third iteration of the Civcraft servers, or fourth iteration of ttk2's servers when AnCap Minecraft is included. Though it is the hope of the administration and the players that the worlds never reset in order to simulate the rise and fall of civilizations in Minecraft over a long period of time, errors and the need for updates that cannot be directly implemented into the current world grow to the point that it is the best option to create a new world, and thus a "new" server. Civcraft 3.0 is an example of such a need for an update. While 2.0 was online for over two and a half years, its flaws as a platform to simulate civilizations became overwhelmingly apparent and the administration began working on a replacement. This replacement includes many flexible elements to allow the administration to update and change the server in ways so that it may, hopefully, remain online for a much longer time.

Upon launch it will be players' new home and the rest is history.


The Pre-Launch Era includes events from the announcement of 3.0 up to the launch of 3.0 itself.

The End of 2.0

As soon as the Ragnarok event ended with the trailer for 3.0 being found and posted on the subreddit by Megralew[1], people began to plan what they were going to do in 3.0. Many friends and allies in 2.0 came together to plan nations that would be founded in 3.0. After ttk2's End-of-the-World speech[2], creative mode was turned on to allow players one last moment of chaos and fun before 2.0 was finally taken offline the weekend of the 26th of January, 2016.

The Planning Era

Following the announcement of 3.0, many players filled the Civcraft-less void with discussions, ideas and suggestions, and just jokes and memes on the subreddit and the forum. Discussions on who would be continuing to play in 3.0, and the announcements by some players from 1.0 and AnCap Minecraft that they too would be returning, became commonplace. New groups formed and others disbanded as people looked forward to a fresh start. Suggestions and ideas by players for the administration on the development of 3.0 also became commonplace, despite CivTemp not even having launched.


CivTemp is the temporary server between 2.0 and 3.0 meant to host and test the plugins designed for 3.0. It was released on the 27th of February, 2016. After a buggy start, Civtemp eventually became stable. While some players became "Murder Hobos", going around the server killing and stealing from people, most players played legitimately, building settlements in this new but temporary world. There were many towns, events and conflicts in Civtemp, but eventually people got bored of a temporary map, which had been up for months, far longer than anyone had previously expected. Civtemp's population dropped drastically, with only ~20 people on at a time. Civtemp was taken down on the 16th of June, 2016[3], in preparation for 3.0. On the 4th of July, it was announced that Civcraft 3.0 would officially be named "Civcraft: Worlds", and that the new iteration Civcraft would be launched on the 16th of July[4], however this was later changed[5] to the 30th of August.

Launch and Early History

Civcraft: Worlds officially launched on 30 July, 2016, at about 15h GMT.[6]

The End of Civcraft

Due to inactivity and discontent, on October 1, 2016, ttk2 eventually decided to end Civcraft[7]. Most of Civcraft's players moved to Devoted, a similar server created by former Civcraft players.