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The Socialist Sovereignty of EutheniaWe r not gay
Capital Euthenia Proper
Official Languages English
Anthem "Cheeki Breeki Hardbass"

Demonyn Euthenians
Government Representative Social Democracy
Ideology Socialism, Communism
President File:Https:// _Papa
Established August 2016
Population 39
City Council _Papa




The Socialist Sovereignty of Euthenia

The Socialist Sovereignty of Euthenia is a city-state established in the northern sphere of the Rokko Steppes founded by a group of ideological left friends who met each other through the political simulator game, NationStates.

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Lenin street, Euthenia Proper



The political ideology of Euthenia is an all-materials-shared system based off the Marxist ideology. Citizens of the country are allowed to have some private chests, but most if not all materials are stored in the community centre, warehouses and bunkers. Citizens are upon completing trial membership, allowed to choose an apartment for themselves to live in as well as use the communal chests. The average apartment size is 5x7 blocks, 3 blocks tall.

The Euthenian government consists of four elected council members.

  • State Architect

The state architect's duty is to ensure the planning, development and execution of city infrastructure and housing. The State Architect is also repsonsible for assigning citizens private property in form of housing.

The current State Architect is Zamoradin.

  • Director of Security

The Director of Security's duty is to ensure that Euthenia is capable of defending any of its territories by military force. The DoS is also repsonsible for disposing gear and weapons to those who request to use communal resources to make them. The DoS is also the person in charge of solidifying and enforcing security measurements, as well as deciding combat tactics during battles.

The current Director of Security is Ervald.

  • Economic Officer

The Economic Officer is responsible for keeping track of Euthenia's resources and trade, as well as being responsible for trading relations with other nations.

The current Economic Officer is Groxlord.

  • President

The President of Euthenia's job is to ensure that none of the council members break their roles in the position. The President also establishes diplomatic relations with other nations, and is the go-to person when signing documents that ensure the co-operations between Euthenia and other nations.

The current President is _Papa.


Civcraft 3.0

On august 1st, 2016, Euthenia declares its territory in the northernmost part of the Rokko River, extending from part of the savannah and into the plains. Euthenia is one of the three nations in rokko with marine claims, but was the first to claim an area over the river. They have since been building housing, factories and mining near constantly since launch, and therefore have a large supply of ores and other materials. Euthenian citizens have also been trading actively with nations from Tigrillo, Tjikko and Rokko for the nation as a whole. Euthenian officials have also been actively working to establish colonies in Tjikko, Ovid, Ulca, Sheol and Naunet. After a dispute with the Greek Empire (Now known as Minoa) over said nation's planned attacks on Euthenia, the Greek Empire had to compensate to Euthenia for breaking the WSTO treaty. Euthenia therefore administrates and are in complete control over a WTSO neutral trading zone north of Aegis and Boogaloo's Kingdom. This area is formerly known as the Lyrian Empire. Since the dispute, the Euthenians and Greeks have gotten along better and on the 10th of September 2016, Euthenia bought a large amount of land from Minoa. This new land made their south-east border corner a 90 degree angle, and the new claims to the west of old Euthenian claims now touch Illyria's borders.