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BottleO was a server plugin that was used on Civcraft 1.0[1] but hasn't been updated since 2013.[2] On newer Civ servers its functionality has been replaced with SimpleAdminHacks.[3] It served three purposes on Civcraft: one, allowing players to bottle and trade experience; two, allowing players to convert experience bottles into emeralds; and three, creating a fifty-level enchantment system similar to that in Minecraft 1.2.5 to replace the thirty-level system default in Minecraft 1.3.

Experience Bottling

Right click on an enchanting table with glass bottles in your hand.

The plugin will then consume as many bottles and as much xp as you have (whichever is smaller) and place that many bottle o' enchanting items in your inventory.

If your inventory is full, the remaining glass bottles in your hand will be replaced with the exp bottles.

These bottles stack to 64 and work like a splash potion, when thrown they spawn an xp orb.

The cost of making 1 bottle is 25 exp, and 25 xp is spawned when you throw the bottle.

Emerald Crafting

Emeralds can be crafted out of nine bottles o' enchanting at a crafting table. This is currently the only way to obtain emeralds in Civcraft. One emerald can also be crafted into nine bottles o' enchanting.[4]

Other Info

Source code available at Github.

Report issues on the issues page.