Berry Bush Regulation Act (Lambat)

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Republic Act 33 (R.A. 33), titled Berry Bush Regulation Act was a law in Lambat that prohibited the placement of berry bushes in public spaces. It was later repealed by Kaprediem by virtue of Presidential Decree no. 12.[1]


Berry bushes, a common decorative plant, were considered a nuisance in Lambat, due to their capability to hurt players. This prompted the proposition of the Berry Bush Regulation Act, which was passed into law.

Voting results

Voting results of the Berry Bush Regulation Act. Green represents 'aye' votes, red for 'nay', and gray for 'abstain.
Voting results for R.A. 33
Votes Percentage
Aye 7 70%
Nay 2 20%
Abstain 1 10%


The Lambatan public was generally supportive of the law, although it was also met with opposition. The most prominent critic is Lambatan-Icarian IceBoy_Pingu. After the law's repeal in 2022, he referred to the bill's passage as "a dark day in Lambatan history".