Battle of the Hole

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Battle of the Hole

Artist rendition of one of the dead baby slimes
Date12th March 2021
The hole,  Mount September
Result Ceasefire, no decisive victor
Mount September AmandaCC Mount September NebulaSSR Mount September TheNeonNerd
Units involved
8 baby slimes
Casualties and losses

All the baby slimes

Some material losses
Some material losses

Temporarily pearled

Some material losses

The Battle of the Hole was a friendly conflict turned serious between TheNeonNerd, NebulaSSR and AmandaCC on CivClassic 2.0. The Battle of the Hole was fought inside a massive hole in Mount September, the location giving it its name. During the battle, the belligerents repeatedly killed each other, instigated by AllenY and his philosophy of Kill; the battle culminated in the Ceasefire Agreement signed on the 12th March 2021.