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The history of Lysika_Lantariel is a murky one, with a troubled upbringing on the server he was groomed into one of CivCraft's most foreshadowing groups, Eagle Crew, within which he rose through the ranks and trumped many when it came to combat. His prowess in the battlefield was matched only by his lust for blood and unstable leaders off whom he could make into his puppets. Due to this he earned the nickname 'The Deciever' and after many battles he retired into the deep Minus Minus in an effort to reform from his less than reputable ways.

Lysika was introduced to the server as Papa_Pound's 'secret weapon', that Papa would ultimately unleash upon the unsuspecting CivCraft folk...but a string of events had different plans. Lysika first caught the gaze of the notorious sociopath Celoxia months prior, and by the point of Lysika's retirement the claws of Celoxia were sunk deep into the very core of him. Deep, unsettling thoughts were fed to Lysika but he remained strong and outcast Sintralin and Celoxia from his group. A period of eery calm washed over CivCraft when Lysika was alt banned for more than 30 days, during which he took up Yoga and Dungeons and Dragons as a means to pass the time, however, during this time he was plotting his return...cold and calculating as ever. Upon his release he worked continuously on the city of Mir and the great castle up until its completion. A new era began and Lysika set forth to create a new city, with friends he had picked up along the way which include Jakemeister and Sempha. These loyal friends of Lysika helped shape Mir as it is today.