Banovo Uprising

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The Banovo Uprising
Date10th May 2015 — 11th May 2015
Result Balkanian victory
 Balkania Banovian Rebels
Commanders and leaders

Balkania Spongesuds

Balkania Ipslore
6 3
Casualties and losses
One killed but not pearled 3 pearled

The Banovo Uprising, also known as the Banovian War of Independence or Banovoemergency was a civil conflict in New Serbia, capital of the Independent State of Balkania between the secessionist Banovo Brdo Residential District and the national authorities.


Banovo Brdo Residential District, an outlying suburb in New Serbia, had been opened to house new immigrants since the previous housing district, Pioneer Valley, was now full. Banovo experienced a flood of immigration in just a few days, with Elijah_ Blu, Uyuxo, YellowClimber, OryHara2001 and Okaru3 arriving and settling the territory, establishing their homes.

The Uprising

It came to the attention of others that YellowClimber had intentions to hold municipal elections within Banovo, and was to charge election candidates 3d to run - All of this without consulting the national government. When confronted on this, YellowClimber was evasive, eventually fleeing New Serbia - A search ensued, and he was found hiding in a hole roughly 400m away. He was easily pearled and interned in a hastily-constructed vault.

After about an hour, a trial was held for YellowClimber on charges of treason, racketeering and destruction of evidence - The witnesses were Uyuxo and Okaru3, while the prosecutor was Ipslore with YellowClimber serving as his own barrister. The trial went on fairly smoothly, though the jury never had time to reach a decision, as just the trial was drawing to a close, OryHara2001 attacked and murdered Uyuxo outside his shop, and fled the city. Several minutes later, Okaru3 was seen escaping Uyuxo's home, which he had broken into, and had destroyed Uyuxo's bed before OryHara2001 had attacked him, causing him to spawn elsewhere.

Okaru3 was pursued, and after a brief search was pearled and interned alongside YellowClimber. Given the discovery of an unfolding Banovian conspiracy to revolt against the national authorities, the city was put under martial law, a nationwide lockdown declared, and the rebel's assets seized by the state until further notice. The land within a 500m radius of New Serbia was thoroughly searched, but no trace of OryHara2001 could be found, so a public bounty was enacted on him to return his pearl to Balkanian custody.

With the fighting over for the night, things settled down, however during a pearl transfer to a more secure location, Okaru3 was accidentally freed as the result of a bug - In response, the bounty on OryHara2001 was extended to include him also.

On the morning of the 11th, the Balkanian SAS decided to embark on a daring mission to pearl both OryHara2001 and Okaru3, and hopefully bring an end to the rebellion, after which a new trial would be held to investigate the full extent of the Banovian conspiracy. OryHara2001 would be the first target - After over an hour of careful negotiation, he was lured to a small cave 300m north of New Serbia where he believed a turncoat DoLLaZ was waiting for him to give him supplies and assist him in bringing down the Balkanian national government. In truth, this was a ruse, with three Balkanian Royal Army troops hidden around the area - But OryHara2001 walked right into the trap, and was beset upon and easily pearled. Immediately, work began on a similar scheme with Okaru3, who again fell for the trap, being lured back to New Serbia by DoLLaZ, whom he believed purposefully broke him out and freed him, unaware of the true circumstances of his accidental release - Under the belief that DoLLaZ was on his side, and the pair were going to break YellowClimber and OryHara2001 out to stage an overthrow of the Balkanian Government, he walked right into the heart of New Serbia, where the trap was sprung and the last rebel pearled.

The Banovo Uprising was over. The insurgency was announced as defeated, the lockdown lifted and a national day of celebration declared.


A new trial, this time conducted in the manner of a military tribunal was held, and the sentences were decided:

For high treason, murder, insulting the king, and evading arrest, OryHara2001 would serve three months in the end and then be permanently exiled from Balkania.

For treason, YellowClimber would serve one week in the end.

For mild treason and mild griefing, Okaru3 would serve five days in the end.