New Serbia

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New Serbia
Part of Balkania
Server IterationCivCraft 2.0
Official LangugesEnglish, Serbian
Coordinates-4410, -12240
DemonymNew Serbian
GovernmentHistoric Site
Foundation Date30 November 2014

New Serbia was the first city and original capital of the National Republic of Balkania, located in the far north -,-. Since the transition to the National Republic it has been classified as a historic site, to be preserved with for sentimental and cultural value with no further improvement or development beyond restoration of Historic Buildings.


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New Serbia lies in a vast plains biome known as the Senntisten Hills, and just to the north of a large bay. The terrain is rough and hilly, requiring a great deal of work to build upon. The city is divided into eight districts -

  • Old Town

The oldest district of New Serbia, now mostly farms, but also containing the ancient Royal Palace, now the Balkanian National Ancient History Museum and the perpetually disused Palace of Independence.

  • Royal District

Balkanian's cultural heart, home to the Royal Balkanian Library and New Serbia National Theatre, as well as the Novi Dvor, the King's main residence.

  • Town Centre

The commercial centre of New Serbia with a large market, as well as the New Serbia Grand Central station, the heart of Balkanian's public rail network with outlying connections to the colonies of Uluru, Devica and South Balkania, and long-distance rails to Londinium, New Senntisten, Orion and Kaiserin City. There is also a still under-construction Metro network.

  • Pioneer Valley

The original main housing district of New Serbia aside from the Red House in the Old Town, now filled up with the historic landscape under legal protection.

  • Banovo Brdo Residential District

A second residential district created after Pioneer Valley became full up. It was the site of the Banovo Uprising, and is still generally held low regard to this day as a rebellious slum and ghetto.

  • Embassy Row

Home to numerous foreign embassies, currently those of Icenia, SPQR, Senntisten and Volterra.

  • Frontier District

The largest and least developed area of New Serbia, the Frontier District has wide open plains and rocky foothills, almost entirely uninhabited save a few scattered sheep stations and isolated ranches

  • Polder

Originally a bay branching off of the main sea south of New Serbia, now filled in and planned to be a major housing/commercial district. Currently under construction.


New Serbia is the heart of the Balkanian economy, home to a large set of shops and stalls in the town centre as well as the headquarters of the two largest Balkanian private companies, A&V Corporations and Odds 'n' Ends Incorporated. Many of the various Crown Companies are also based out of the city, namely Balkania Royal Rails, Balkania XP Exports and Balkania Brand Potions.


New Serbia has a large central station which is the heart of the Balkanian rail network. From there, internal lines lead to the Colonies - South Balkania, Uluru, Devica, and external lines lead to New Senntisten, Londinium, Orion and Kaiserin City. There is also an inter-city metro linking from Pioneer Valley to Banovo Brdo and Polder.

The Old Town of New Serbia holds the majority of the city and indeed the whole country's agricultural base, producing the required materials for BXE and BBP.


National Ancient History Museum

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</WRAP> The oldest building in New Serbia, and previously private residence of King Spongesuds I before the construction of Novi Dvor, after which it was converted into a museum.

Novi Dvor

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</WRAP> A large new palace constructed to serve as the residence of King Spongesuds I, it contains a throne room, dining room, conference area and private residence.

The Palace of Independence

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</WRAP> The Palace of Independence, the seat of government for the former Independent State of Balkania, containing a room for the King and his advisors to convene, as well as a courthouse. Made up of over 10,000 blocks, it was Balkania's most expansive single build ever, and the largest building for a thousand blocks in all directions.