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As part of CivWiki's mission to document servers, it in times becomes necessary to document more controversial servers in the name of historical preservation, this is one of those controversial servers.

Why Is Ascentius Controversial?

Below are a few instances of Ascentius' controversial actions. We are documenting this here for those who are unaware, to have context and understanding of the situation.

  • The rules for Ascentius state that "In-game content is almost entirely unrestricted as long as it complies with cheating/hacking/doxxing rules"[1] which does not contain any references or prohibition of inappropriate content such as content that is sexual or profane in nature.
  • Around approximately the 10th of October, 2021, controversial player by the name of TwinkieMINER joined the Ascentius discord. Around this time a ticket was opened up in the discord to discuss removing him from Ascentius, the request was denied on the basis that "unless they have broken a rule on this server, they can stay."[2] Twinkie then contacted server owner Moosebobby to make a resource pack, to which Moose agreed. Then, Ascentius former loremaster attempted to convince the Ascentius staff team to not so, and ban Twinkie, failing to do so, resulting in his resignation in protest. [3]
  • On the 12th of October, 2021, it was noticed by some that Ascentius player count was being manipulated, whether or not this was due to cosmetic code or actual malicious intent is unknown.[4]
  • On the 14th of October, 2021, TwinkieMINER started to advertise Ascentius on Reddit, some of these reddit posts contained stolen builds from a custom map called "Drehmal Primordial" without proper citation which have since been deleted from the r/detailcraft and r/gaming subreddits[5], another Reddit post was made to the subreddit r/mcservers which was an advertisement for the server.[6]

This list may be incomplete, adding content would be appreciated.


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