Alexandrian Rebellion

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The Alexandrian Rebellion, otherwise informally known as Twinkie's Coup, is an ongoing civil conflict between the Alexandrian City Council and the Alexandrian Rebels. Sparked by TWINKIEminer's citizenship being revoked due to his "biased" map, the rebel group seeks to enact a series of demands on Alexandria's City Council including the removal of ieatazz69 and Noahravn from city council and the reinstatement of Twinkieminer's citizenship. On October 13th 2020, the Alexandrian Rebels published their list of demands on the subreddit and various Discords, after spending the previous days flipping bastions, taking control of Alexandria's factories and Aqua Nether, and constructing a small "vault" in the city harbor.

Alexandrian Rebellion
Alexandrian Rebel Before Battle Group Picture.png
Alexandrian rebels before flipping bastions.
Date13 October 2020 - Ongoing
Result Ongoing
Alexandria Flag.png Alexandrian City Council Alexandria Flag.png Alexandrian Rebels
Commanders and leaders

Alexandria Flag.png ieatazz69

Alexandria Flag.png Noahravn

Alexandria Flag.png TWINKIEminer
Alexandria Flag.png ChickenWingGeek

Alexandria Flag.png Beni_Shapiro
~4 9
Casualties and losses
None 1 died of alcohol-related suffocation in Alexandrian Bay.