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Republic of Aeland
The claims map of Aeland
Capital cityAecium
• Leader
ReligionN/A (Atheist)

The Republic of Aeland, Aeland for short, was a nation on the server TheRealmsMC Spera located in northwest Abyonne, and its colony Aeropis located in south Aequilum. Aeland bordered former nation Britannia to the west, the

Dreothen Empire to the south, the Children of Dust to the east, and the Britannic Ocean to the north. The capital city of Aeland is Aecium, which is located in the northwest of the nation. The biomes you could find in Aeland were plains, jungles, high hills and ice mountains.[1]



The first people who settled down in the now called nation Aeland, were the people of Celebrus. They built a dock, walls, a king room, and a village. Almost everything they've built is still in Aeland, but will probably be removed. After some time, the people of Celebrus vanished, and the land was free to claim again.


Eudora was a nation in the savannahs of west Aequilum. The mythic lore of the Eudorians was that they were in a Great Depression and were starving. This was because according to them their goddess Aela didn't want them to eat bread, it was unholy. As they sought for fertile ground to grow different food they couldn't grow in the savannahs, they found the unclaimed Aeland, and became the Aelic Empire. Lots of Eudorians migrated to the Aelic Empire, in the hope for a better life.

Oborian Empire

When Eudora formed the Aelic Empire, another empire named Obore was getting larger and more powerful in Spera. After being asked many times to join the Oborian Empire, the Aelic Empire decided it was a better decision to join Obore. The Aelic Empire became a state of the Oborian Empire named Aeland. But unfortunately, the day after Aeland became a state, the Oborian Empire fell because they provoked the demons of Portalis. The demons attacked, and Obore lost the battle. All the states became independent again. This caused Aeland to get in an even Greater Depression.

The Civil War

The nation split into two, the Eudorians and the Aelish. The Aelish wanted to become independent from the Eudorians, and didn't want to worship Aela. The Eudorians didn't want to lose their territory and good ground, so they fought back. The war didn't last very long. The Eudorians fought at sea, while the Aelish fought on land. Eventually the Aelish won because of their bow skills and arrows piercing through sails, causing the Eudorians to sink. Most of the Eudorians were already dead before they reached the land. With the victory of the Aelish, Aeland became an atheist nation. After the defeat of the Eudorians, the nation of Eudora fell.