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Socialist Spectre is the Co-Founder of the Fempire Union alongside Jindosh. He suffers so you don't have to.

The Ghost of Good Intentions

Devoted 2.0

Spectre joined CivCraft with his comrades during the launch of Devoted 2.0. The small group of four created the nation The Love Bus; it's sole building being the massive sky heart bunker. The group then immediately burned themselves out and retired.


Spectre and crew returned to CivCraft at the launch of CivUniverse. Now a group of eight, they founded the Fempire Union on a small mushroom island. Early conflict from their neighbor Shashur quickly abated and the Fempire blossomed into a large community of builders. Spectre built much of the Fempire infrastructure but his claim to fame was the extensive road linking the Fempire islands together. Dubbed the Rainbow Road, it was extended once again to connect to Fempire allies Garfield Island. Spectre, along side Jindosh and Lowtierloot, took part in the defense of Garfield from New Vegas assault. The Fempire - Garfield alliance was defeated and both nations fell into inactivity after being pearled.


Only time will tell.