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The following is a documentation of important pieces of Yoahtlan literature.

Yoahtl: Origins

some people made yoahtl on "xephos" or smth, soon the people there organized into clans n kingdoms n stuff, server grew to 200-300 ppl, wars uncommon but attacks n raids happened, kingdoms evolved into mergers or dissolved or became gang-like stuff, some kingdoms important to yoahtl today were wayon-dot and texacoco, both on one island but both hated each other, attacked each other n stuff, but soon guy name eoahtl rose in texacoco and he was good at his job and destroyed raiders and gangs and named his island huron and got a guy named wichita from wayon-dot to rise to power but he wasn't as popular as some people in wayon-dot disliked his approaches for unity but eventually texacoco and wayon-dot unified into the wayon-dot empire, the people who disliked wichitia hated the unification and rebelled but they were put down.

wayon-dot becomes cool and active with cool and active city named texacoco, spanish and english speakers were common in the empire, eaohtal and wichita ruled together peacefully and soon the texacoco and wayon-dot identities became one, and a new culture "huehuetlico: the old ones" happened, and the two ruled together very well, but some of wayon-dots neighbors sought to challenge WD, one being the empire of Tordesillas who wanted to conquer a lot of territory n stuff, but wayon-dot generally ignored it until Torde invaded them and decimated their nation, eoahtl and wichita plotted to retake wd, in a revolution called yoahtl (name drop !), and when revolution happened all torde-aligned players were attacked and torde was decimated in a day, and eoahtl proclaimed himself the first chieftain of yoahtl, the damage to the server was too severe tho so the server was shut down but yoahtl would live another day to do more things ig