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Boring Biographical Nonsense

Kartano is a Wikipedia user from Melbourne, Australia, who now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. He is a native of the town of Merbein, in Victoria (Australia).

He is planning to someday certify as an NREMT-B and to spend his spare time volunteering with the EMS or patient transport services. His principle profession is Software Engineering and he holds a Bachelor of Computing degree from La Trobe University (1998) as well as a Masters Degree in Information technology from Charles Sturt University (2006). He partially completed a Bachelor of Medical Science with a specialty in Clinical Physiology, but withdrew from study prior to graduating due to time constraints, however he continues to research subjects such as histology, anatomy, physiology, and emergency medicine in his spare time.

He occasionally maintains his LinkedIn Profile.

In his rare spare time, he enjoys Scuba diving, Shooting sports, studying Emergency medicine, and listening to many different genres of Music, but is particularly keen on drumming. A few of his favorite drummers, in no particular order, include fellow Australian Virgil Donati, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Ginger Baker, Buddy Rich, Danny Carey, Roger Taylor (Queen drummer), Vinnie Paul, Charlie Watts, Nick Menza and Gar Samuelson.

He is looking forward to obtaining United States Citizenship in the next few years.

Memberships and assorted passions

He is a patron life-member of the National Rifle Association and supports firearms safety and the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms for sporting, collecting, re-enacting and for self-defense. He is opposed to firearms registration or licensing, but supports back-ground checks for dealers as well as being available for private citizens provided such background checks are absolutely protected from being used as a means to covertly track firearm ownership. He is a supporter of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

He has been a member of the Australian Computer Society since 2003 and was elevated to Senior Membership in 2015.

He is a firm believer in only allowing registered users to edit Wikipedia pages and is a keen counter-vandalism crusader.

He supports the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, with the proviso that sales be controlled and linked to any pre-existing regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products. He is not a user of cannabis, nor does he recommend its use - especially for people with pre-existing mental health conditions.

He hopes that the United States will someday find a way for its citizens and politicians to work together to dramatically improve the health care system.

He is old-school Roman in the sense that he feels the persons of EMS service providers - Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters should be considered inviolable and sacrosanct, and that any persons assaulting EMS workers should face particularly harsh penalties.

He is passionate about sustaining forms of welfare for those in need, but does not consider himself a socialist, nor a liberal.

He avoids discussion about political topics and his views on subjects are too varied or somewhat dynamic to be pigeon-holed into any particular party. If anything, he detests the party system entirely but accepts it as something of a necessary evil while convinced there has to be a superior system to the insanity he witnesses today. He is known to have had memberships with political parties that have singular policies, such as the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

He has a keen interest in sexual exploration which he would like to fulfill further someday, when his mental health and family life improves.

He is a great supporter of same-sex marriage and supports the LGQBT community even if he finds the louder members of such to be quarrelsome and annoying. He feels your sexual orientation is a matter of your development and proclivities stemming from your genetics, and that what you choose to do and whom you choose to do it with, is fundamentally NOT his business as long as all parties are consensual, legal, the activities are safe and not necessarily being carried out on his kitchen table in front of the kids (if this happened with just himself and his wife at the dinner table, he feels it might be a totally different matter).

Projects I Work On

I am a member of the Firearms WikiProject, a project devoted to the improvement of firearms coverage on Wikipedia with an emphasis on civilian firearms. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.

I also work on articles as part of the Wikipedia Companies Project in my spare time.

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