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ItsEpicc is a player who played in civclassic 2.0 Acadia under the name of Epiclukester_. At the time he mainly did random things like build a house and build a shop that no one visited. ItsEpicc accidentally committed theft and was pearled. ItsEpicc was caught in the crossfire of a war which he was pearled again, from then on he never joined civclassic 2.0 again.

ItsEpicc is currently on civmc living as in Mount Augusta. He currently owns a house and a mine that anyone can use. He owns a company called The Idea Association, which uses the slogan “joe”. The origin of this slogan came from a typo of “the job is a joke” which was types as “the job is a joe”. ItsEpicc plans to build a lush cave bar in the lush cave under his house.