The Kingdom of Apoland

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The Kingdom of Apoland, or simply Apoland, is a province of the Third Empire of Columbia. It is ruled by King lemuractionnews. Originally, the settlement was the personal estate of Apossi and green_trump, but these players went inactive sometime before 2018. The province was granted to King lemur on January 1st, 2019 by then-chancellor Hamboy. Apoland has a very chill atmosphere. Apoland's biggest principles are builder freedom, builder security, and economy. The province has very relaxed building codes and strives to protect its way of life through military means, such as the Apolish Navy. Some of Columbia's biggest companies, such as The Royal Apolish Inc. and The Sovereign Wealth Fund, are based in Apoland's economic district and many stonks occur there on a regular basis.

Apoland City

The Kingdom of Apoland
Location-5070 -9922
Capital cityApoland
SettlementsApoland City, Cumbria
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Foundation dateJanuary 1st, 2019
Foundation document"The Charter of Apoland"
ReligionChurch of the Sister Falls
Motto"Long Live the Apolish Isles!"
National anthem"Porilaisten Marssi"

The capital of the kingdom is Apoland City. It is a very hectic and lively place featuring a number of distinct boroughs.

  • Mayfair
  • La Ciudad De Los Espadas
  • Economic District
  • Oldtown
  • Swagland
  • Castle District
  • Little Gensokyo


Cumbria, formerly the Commune of Cumbria, was once a territory of the Soviet Federal Duchy of North Trekestan (SFDNT). After the Trekish were completely exterminated by Hallow, their biggest town laid vacant until the war was won and Hallow was incorporated into the Third Empire of Columbia. When the Cumbrian peninsula was incorporated into the Kingdom of Apoland, lemur built a rail to the town. These days, Cumbria is a sleepy little town where Apolish workers stop to rest before venturing forth into the nearby mesa for terracotta. King lemur is taking steps to preserve the unique history there.

The Apolish Navy

Rear-Admiral Rabidrembrandt

Apoland has a rich and storied maritime tradition. Its Navy is the terror of the seas and Apolish Naval officers are second-to-none. Aboard the fearsome flagship of the armada, the A.S.S. Yola Whippin', Rear-Admiral Rabidrembrandt regularly casts the h-posters down with a barrage of g rockets and g torpedos.

List of Apolish Naval Officers

  • Rear-Admiral Rabidrembrandt
  • Commodore KnotNSA
  • Captain Infra_

List of Apolish Swaggy Ships (A.S.S.)

  • ASS Yola Whippin'
  • ASS 420swaggyblunts