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[needs copy edit]

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This template tags a statement for basic copyediting, and should be placed after the statement.

{{Copy edit-inline|for=|date=July 2024}}

Do not subst: this template.

This template is a self-reference.

Optional parameters

  • This template takes the optional parameter |for= (a.k.a. |reason=) which can be used to explain what issues need to be addressed, e.g. |for=consistent spelling. The default value is "grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling".
  • This template takes the optional parameter |date=, with the format |date=July 2024. An expedient way to enter it is |subst:{{DATE}} instead of using |date= directly.
  • This template will auto-categorise tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing copy edit, or a dated subcategory thereof. However, if the optional parameter and value |categories=no is set, the template will not categorise the page.

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