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{{Brexit note}} is a template used to identify text in articles which need to be reviewed after the expected 31 January 2020 Brexit (United Kingdom leaves the European Union). The template adds the article in question to a new category:

The Category will be a hidden category, at least until after Brexit, to avoid distraction.


  • The principal use of {{Brexit note}} is as a simple in-line tag to be added by a statement which will need changing after Brexit. It will remain invisible until after 31 January 2020, at which point it will insert a visible tag "Update needed?".
  • It is possible to bracket the tag over the text in question:
{{Brexit note|Text to review}}:
That should cause the text to disappear after Brexit day, but the page will remain tagged within Category:Articles tagged for attention after Brexit, awaiting a clean-up at leisure.

For sectional use, put the template under a heading, not inside it. Templates in headings cause accessibility and usability problems.