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Something needs to be done in regards to nations lying about their vault size, making up vaults without proof. Hidden vaults should not be on the "Notable vaults" subsection as they are not notable, they are hidden.

The situation with Wiki greifers sorted

We should consider removing the images of Anguish and Vitellia, as newer images are prettier, and show more useful information. The images are dated.

Angush vault may be restored after Anguish returned and gave groups to Mir, hopefully someone who knows more about the situation can add it to standing vaults if needed

Ransacki Vault

This problem is similar to the War of The Coalition as there is not enough info documented about the war. More info is needed about it, a measly two lines won't cut it.

Separating the vaults list to make a "List of Vaults" page

This list is getting quite long and unwieldly, and many of these vaults could warrant its own page. The number of CC vaults on this list is pretty big compared to many of the other ones, and it might be best to just separate the vaults from this page to a simple "List of Vaults" page for readability sake. This page should just generally show characteristics of what a typical vault looks like or has in the first place, not an excessive list of vaults. Specificlanguage (talk) 14:38, 1 July 2023 (UTC)