Rome-Wakandan-Amythrian Conflicts

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Rome-Wakandan-Amythrian Conflicts
Date17th February 2021 - TBD
Result Undecided


Former New Vegas Volunteers
Wakanda (CivUniverse)


Assorted Volunteers Against Rome
Commanders and leaders



NinaDaVincii Vah

Casualties and losses

Property Damage

>80 Energy in damage done to factories, "vault" broken into
Assorted property damage

Editorial note: this is an event in progress, all claims are substantiated with either first hand confession or hard evidence (snitches etc.) but no information is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and up to date

Various hostilities and raids on CivUniverse took place between Rome, Wakanda, Amythria, and volunteers from other nations.

Amythrian and Roman Raiding

Nina's Alt Raid

Amythrian leader NinaDavincii and at least one other compatriot, Hayastan, alt-raided a chicken farm of the nation of Rome around February 16, 2021, blowing up multiple chickens with TNT[1]. The Republic of Camertem also portends that her alt, apparently named "Rambler_Pride44", broke multiple chests on their land[2]. No one knew of the alts' true identities at this time.

Rome Raids Wakanda

Rome, upon realizing that their chickens were blown up, was furious. In the words of Roman leader PoisonSaber in a later VC, they were the "New kids on the block" and wanted to show that they wouldn't get pushed around. Wakanda, a largely peaceful newfriend nation neighboring Rome, was a suspect due to circumstantial snitch evidence showing the raiders coming from the cardinal direction of their mutual border[3]. PoisonSaber later bribed at least one person, Nina's alt, who he thought was a newfriend, to implicate Wakanda in exchange for iron blocks[4]. Rome uses this falsified evidence (citing that they had proof from two sources to remain anonymous) as well as the snitch logs to justify raiding Wakanda. Together with New Vegas volunteer Adderral, they break into the Wakandan "vault", though functionally it was a bunker, and break over 80 energy's worth of factories[5].