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PinkGal2007, also known as Pinky or simply Pink is a Citizen of Lambat and also holds the title of citizenship speedrunner.

Pinkgal Eveningmist
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Lambat
Known ForLambat Citizenship Speedrunner
Main ResidenceLog cabin in Lambat Viejo
She/Her, They/ThemHas ancestors who were fae.
Banough [Big sister figure, close friend]Works at Artificial Enterprise in the ingredients branch
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on

Civ Bibliography

Joined Lambat in 17/06/2021[citation needed]


  • Displays a flower of friendship outside her home which is twined with the flower of friendship owned by banyough.
  • She has a horse named Lucky, a donkey called Fredrick, dogs called Blossom, Rose and Lucy that all have pink collars and a dog named Pumpkin who has a orange collar.
  • The second piece of property she owns is her stable/farmhouse which is in fact bigger then her normal wood cabin.
  • Pinkgal's full name is in fact Pinkgal Eveningmist.
  • While she herself is not directly related to any faes she does have ancestors who were fae or half fae.
  • She works in the ingredients collecting branch of Artificial Enterprise.
  • She also has a journal in her newly decorated home where she keeps notes and anything written in said journal if ever shared or viewed on a livestream or video is considered cannon for this character.