Omerican Federal Republic

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The Omerican Federal Republic was a nation in the Northeast Quadrant.

The Omerican Federal Republic
ðu Tasusamilarihon Satata Omerika
OFR Banner
Map of the Omerican Federal Republic
Capital CityNew Draycott, NDC
Official LanguagesEnglish, Garundi
Ethnic Groups50% Omerican 50% Garundi
Religion50% The Gods of Light 50% Grimatism
GovernmentRepresentative Parliament
- Representative to Omerica FROmuck3
- Representative to Garundistan FRanidnmeno
LegislatureThe Omerican Parliament
Merger with GarundistanApril 2018
Areato be determined
Population2 🔻
- Densityto be determined
GDPlike 35D or some shit like that
Player Development Index🔺.50
CurrencyOmerican Scruple

Gelidon Iomerika