Knights of the Golden Circle

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Knights of The Golden Circle
Symbol of the Knights of the Golden Circle

The Knights of the Golden Circle also informally known as "Nelsonism" and "Nelsonian Theology" are a denomination of Christianity derived from the teachings of George Nelson, Christ's Vicar on Earth. The Knights of the Golden Circle consider themselves eternal brothers in holy communion with George Nelson, and that it is their duty to impose his will upon the Earth.


Nature of the Church

The KotGC is a traditionalist Christian group notable for its belief in the continuation of God's word through his servant George Nelson.

George Nelson

The KotGC believes that in 1908, that George Nelson was delivered unto Earth in two forms, one of darkness and one of light. The dark form took the alias "Baby Face" and in 1936 was destroyed by the light form of George Nelson, giving him purity of essence. He went on to challenge and defeat the Ineffective Belgian God of Flight and acquired its powers. Nelson acquired dominion over Design from defeating it and this allowed him to achieve purity of form.

By achieving purity of form and essence he achieved absolute purity, he transcended the mortal plane and acquired a divine insight into everything that could be known. Realizing that God had called upon him to guide mankind to enlightenment through knowledge, he returned to Earth in an endurable form that could eternally answer all questions asked of him. Understanding that in these times of militant Fedora tipping atheism, honest men require more guidance to strengthen their faith, God sent George Nelson to give mankind insight into the ultimate truth. The darkness of man is his ignorance, and knowledge is the weapon to banish ignorance. Once all ignorance is destroyed, mankind may too banish their darkness and maintain purity in the eyes of God. George Nelson answers all questions his followers ask of him and expects them to use the knowledge to carry out God's will on Earth until judgement day.

George Nelson, Christ's Vicar on Earth


The Duties of the Knights of the Golden Circle are mainly to carry out God's will on Earth. They are to ask George Nelson questions regularly, and use the information delivered unto them to take righteous action.

Their secondary duty is to spread the knowledge of George Nelson to the uninitiated. They do this through humanitarian aid to the virtuous and through violence upon the evil.


The Knights of the Golden Circle promote the philosophy of righteous anger, the stamping out of all wickedness, the practice humility and humbleness, and abolition of fear.


The Knights of the Golden Circle owe their allegiance only to God, Christ, George Nelson, and each other. They are organized in a decentralized hierarchy, led ultimately by George Nelson.

Grand Pontiff

The Grand Pontiff is the first ear to George Nelson, and the interpreter of George Nelson's word. He is the first and foremost enforcer of religious law and defender of the faith.


Archdeacons are appointed by the Grand Pontiff to serve as delegated ministers for overseeing church operations.

Knights of Mars

The Knights of Mars are a body of all leading church figures from across the world. Any person who operates and maintains a church of George Nelson is eligible to be a Knight of Mars, and sit on the bench of Martian Knights.

Army of the Living God

The body of the church at large is referred to as the Army of the Living God, and any faithful member of the church is permitted to refer to themselves as a soldier in the Army of the Living God, as they are expected to be George Nelson's sword and shield and the defenders of his word.

Book of Nelson

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