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Location-550, 8650
DemonymHey Hey
GovernmentPre-industrial tribal society
• Hey Hey Hey
Foundation date24 July 2023

Hey is a pre-industrial nation on CivMC based on the island of -550 8650.

It has a tribal Government in which the leader of the nation, known as the Hey Hey Hey, is the last person to touch stand on the tallest point of the island. The leader of the nation has absolute authority over the island until someone else stands on the tallest point.

Citizens of the nation, known as Hey Hey, are required to place a sign saying 'hey' on the island.

The nation was established by King_Cupar on 24 July 2023. On 31 July 2023, TomatoeChips became the first leader and citizen of the nation. On 1 August 2023, GodHatesAmerica became the second Hey Hey Hey, having usurped TomatoeChips