Georgia (Holy Jaded Empire)

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The State of Georgia
MottoDuty is Ours, Consequences are God's
GovernmentTheocratic Republic
FoundedDecember 19th, 2017
LeaderScreenname von Gensokyo
Area55,000 Square Blocks
ReligionKnights of the Golden Circle

Georgia was a Theocratic Republic and constituent state of the Holy Jaded Empire. Its most populous city was its capital of Nelson. Georgia was primarily an agrarian society with most of its land area dedicated to crop production.


"And long we waited, watched, and prayed that once more we might see the sunburst floating freely upon a land of rolling hills and pure blue skies untouched by the ravages of evil, and God answered by delivering us to this new paradise where we could undo the wrongs of the past. A second chance for our redemption."