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The Hermit war

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The THC-Iria War
From top, right to left: THC forces first stepping onto Irian land; THC forces occupying the city; THC forces negotiating with Greenble; Irian forces celebrating victory.
Dates Aug 20, 2016 - Ongoing
Location Iria City
Result -Imprisonment of THC Free Legion


THCThe Hermetic Confederation

- Rockwood Grove
- Overcast Republic
- Cloud CIty
-Arch-Duchy of Visegrad


Supported by:
Crocodile Isle

Leaders and Commanders
Archduke Austrobernd

Leader Jo_Rey1086
President 68pingy
Lord Protector Jontiben




1 CloudCity
2 Overcast
3 Visegrad
Total: 7

Battle Losses
7 pearled 2-4 killed or temporarily pearled


The Hermit war, or more commonly known as the THC - Iria war is an ongoing conflict between The Tjikko Hermetic Confederacy and Iria in the Shard of Tjikko. The conflict was caused by a series of events that led to the formation of the THC and the succession of Cloud City/ Tellus from the neighboring nation of Iria.


On August 18, three cities in Northwest tjikko declared their state of THC. Two of the cities, Rodkwood grove and Overcast Republic had plans for an alliances, Jo_rey had also pitched the plan to Defem which never joined the confederation but was in communications with them. The Confederation grew considerably fast as land was given to them by the Irian Council. The Archduchy of visegrad had been in the region the second week the server was up as a small outpost of Libra then grew in size, by then the land to the west was not claimed by Iria, the claim came a few days after as the land was turned into a "Forest Preservation." The fort was left empty as the locals went to start another outpost but they temporarily joined Nautilus to mine diamonds and other resources in the region. After being raided the visegradians went back to their fort to build up a city, they later succeeded the fort from libra (although many of them still hold Libran duel citizenry). Ticked off by the excessive land grab of the Irians, King tomoko decided to help the other cities make a confederacy. The fall of the confederacy started early on, each leader had their own interests at heart. The overcast republic and RWG had lived in peace with the Irians and had no ill-will towards them, for them the confederacy was purely to secure the area from raiders by uniting the citizens to form a united civil militia between states. The Visegradians though, saw an opportunity not only to get rid of the raiders but to push back the excessive Irian claims in the region. After negotiations with one of the leaders of Iria, Visegrad manage to get the land west to them, which they saw as their own to begin with. King tomoko reorganized his Kingdom into an ArchDuchy lead by Austrobernd, so he could work behind the scenes of the hermit Council to convince and change the other leaders altitudes towards Iria. Tomoko had no real ill-will either against Iria and wanted what was best for the THC, which would be an expansion of borders to make room for homesteaders and other republics, this way he would have more manpower for any future wars or conflicts in the region, Iria was merely in the way. The others also wanted to leave out territory for homesteaders to claim as their own, but through peaceful means. The council was split, but at the end nothing was done. Everything changed when Cloud city declared independence from Iria, Iria itself did not recognize such independence as it didn't go through their proper procedure, the THC though, did recognize its independence (think texas) and asked Jontiben if they wanted to join the Confederacy. Since the THC nation was so new, there was no real system of voting a member in, and such confusion followed when Visegrad first objected to it. The leaders of Visegrad discussed it through, with Archduke Austrobernd agreeing to let it in and Chancellor Tomoko subtly objecting since the other members did not advise Visegrad of it. There was real confusion and ignorance about the actual declaration of independence, nothing was known other than Cloud city declaring it a day or two previously, and so it was let into the THC. This lead to an immediate response from Irian high command, after some talks, greenble finally replied with an eviction notice giving THC 36 hours to respond. Most of the THC council stayed up all night to discuss what to do, Pingy advocated that the Council apologize, jontiben agreed but had doubts about iria as the THC was ignored before. Tomoko objected to any apology as it would make the Confederation look weak. The conversation went back and fourth, the group at last decided to try and negotiate. For hours they messaged both the Irians, without a response, Jontiben thought Iria was purposely ignoring them. Austrobernd objected to both an invasion and wanted THC to retreat from Cloud City, with Jontiben moving into a city in the THC. After more discussions and not getting a definite response from Iria, the Council finally agreed to "forceful negotiations," meaning an invasion of Iria to force its leaders to come out and negotiate. The Hermit council agreed not to Grieb property or Kill civilians, which would be counter productive. And so, they got ready for war, choosing cloud city to rally in before invading.

Iria City Expedition/Invasion

The Free Tjikko Legion met in Cloud city/Tellus, from there they took an old TKON mine which connected to Irias mine, and from there they continued onto Irian territory. The Legion exited out of the mine where they continued and crossed a river to reached a city where they rested and regrouped. The THC force was ordered not to fire upon anyone until they were fired upon first, around two Irian soldiers met with THC soldiers, neither side attacked. After a while an arrow was fired from the Irian side and the THC responded, Irian forces retreated after a few more skirmishes. The THC forces advanced further into the city, often times lost and just moving forward they found the town square(?) where they regrouped once more. Austrobernd then took command and led the forces, disorganized, the THC forces became scattered while Austrobernd fought off some irians. He was shot multiple times as THC forces made their way to him, the Irian forces retreated afterwards. A series of skirmishes then took place and casualties on both sides mounted. Tomoko then took control of the THC forces and ordered a fallback to the square where he and Jontiben agreed to a ceasefire with Greenble. Greenble and Jontiben talked about the causes of the conflict and negotiated a change in the border. The fighting stopped and multiple civilians came out from hiding to interact with the THC forces. The intense negotiations continued with Jontiben ordering the THC forces to move east of a dirt wall he made between the THC and Greenble. As THC forces interacted with civilians, afked or tried negotiating they let their guard down, which was when a combined force of 2 or more soldiers from Iria and Croc isle struck, confusion at the sudden attack threw the THC in a disorganized frenzy to find out what was going on. Mixed orders were given, Tomoko asked green if it was an Irian attack (which she denied knowing), unsure of weather to strike back. After a few minutes all THC forces were pearled, the THC legion tried it's best to fight back during the attack and did not harm either green or Irian civilians. As all THC soldiers were pearled, the invasion ended and negotiations once again broke down. The pearled weren't notified about their fate and the conflict is ongoing.


Iria celebrated their victory over the THC forces and the pearls were said to have been paraded around. Meanwhile back in THC land, the woodland folk mourned the loss of their men, some citizens confused at the course of action they took, the lands now left even more defenseless than before, it's fate unknown.

On August 26, most nations had seceded from the union due to pressure from Iria. The last remaining members of the THC, Visegrad, tired of stalled negotiations and hearing rumors of being imprisoned for months or forever, decided to disband the Confederacy. Tomoko Kuroki and Austrobernd, both decided it was time to travel back to their homeland in Alpharealm, leaving the world of civcraft. Many others in the lands that were formerly known as the THC have either sought refuge in other countries or left civcraft all together as well, as griefing and raiding in the area has become intolerable to some.