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Brewery is a plugin that allows players to make their own liquor. Recipes typically vary across each server and may be kept secret by the server's administrators, requiring experimentation by players to discover. You can find the original documentation for this plugin here, although much of it is out of date for modern civ servers.

Set Up

Before you start brewing, you will need to set up the necessary spawning supplies such as the Brewery Masterwork Station, the Brewing Keg, and the Brewing Campfire. The Brewery Masterwork Station is the central component and requires the following components to be crafted and placed inside: a Brewing Keg, a Brewing Campfire, an Empty Keg, and Hops.

The Basics


Let's start by setting up a cauldron and fermenting a base ingredient. Fill the cauldron with the desired food ingredient such as wheat, hops, or barley. Activate the cauldron by right-clicking with an empty glass bottle.

Once the cauldron is ignited, add water and any desired spices. The spices are optional and may result in a higher quality brew.

Finally, bake the mixture in the Brewing Campfire until the bar on the right reaches level 7. This signals that the fermentation process is finished.


Now that your brew has fermented, it's time to move onto distillation. This is done at the Brewery Masterwork Station by adding the fermenting mixture into the Empty Keg. Then,right-click the Brewery Keg with an empty glass bottle. This will activate the distillation process.

Depending on the configuration of your Brewing Masterwork Station the distillation process will require different materials. Typically the Brewing Campfire of the appropriate size must be lit first and then the fermenting mix must be added. Keep an eye on the bar on the right as it will need to reach level 7 to signal the completion of the distillation process.

Once the process has completed, your brew is now ready to bottle!


Let's start by setting up a small and large barrel. The large barrel will act as the aging vessel, while the small barrel will provide the oxygen needed to facilitate the maturation of the brew.

Fill the large barrel with your distilled brew and add some oak shavings to the small barrel. Activate the small barrel by right-clicking with a flint and steel.

Leave the barrels alone for the duration of the aging process. This can take weeks, depending on the recipe and desired quality of your beer.

When the bar on the right reaches level 7, the aging process is complete.

Your brew is now ready to bottle!

Brew Drink Data

A brew's data can be pulled up by placing a Brewing Documentation onto a brewing station. This will provide players with detailed information about their brew including its alcohol content, flavor profile, type, and more.

Drinking Effects

While drinking, you can receive a multitude of side effects based on the type of brew as well as how much you have consumed. These can range from minor effects, such as feeling energized or feeling relaxed, to more serious effects such as drunkenness or even death. Be careful when mixing different brews as this can have unpredictable effects.

Sobering Up

There are a few ways that you can sober up your character. Coffee will reduce the effects of alcohol in your character's system while time will slowly remove drunkenness from your character.

Brew Unlabeling

Crafting recipe for the Brew Sealing Table

Unlabeling a brew will remove a label from the bottle and render it unrecognizable. This is useful for keeping records and tracking who drinks from a particular bottle. This can be done at the Brew Sealing Table with the labeling seal and a bottle of brew.

Ingredients & Brew Bases

There are numerous ingredients that can be used in the creation of brews. A variety of grains, spices, herbs and fruits can be used to craft beers of all kinds. Different brews will require different ratios and levels of ingredients to achieve the best quality.

Brew bases are also an important part of brewing. A brew base is the main ingredient responsible for the flavor of the brew, this could be grains, hops, or other types of sugar. Understanding and utilizing the different brew bases available is key to creating high quality brews.

Additional Tips

Hopefully this guide helped yu with your journey into the in-depth world of crafting brews in civclassics. Here are a few additional tips to remember during your brewing adventures!

  • Always keep records of your brews, this will help you track their progress.
  • Do research on different brewing recipes to understand the different flavors and styles of beer.
  • Experiment with different ingredients and ratios to find the perfect brew for your tastes.
  • Have fun while brewing and be patient, making good brews takes time.


This Brewery guide was created by YouTuber Dakotahngr. He has made many informative videos about Brewery, with in-depth explanations of every step of the brewing process. He also provides explanations on the different types of brew bases, ingredients, and aging processes.

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