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Icenia, also known as the "mistake in the -,-"[1] is an attempt by ChrisChrispie to feel important. The government is based on whatever Chris feels at the moment and its diplomacy revolves around sucking up to whoever will give it EXP at that exact moment in time.


In March of 2019, ChrisChrispie had a godawful[2] idea to recreate his city from 2.0 in a sordid attempt to get back at Mickale and Gregy for absolutely BTFOing him on alts in 2014 or 15 on Civcraft. Chris cannot let go of anything, it's very sad and petty. He quickly changed course when he realized that Varkonia could probably BTFO him again.


-Clinthorris666 is an Icenian account.[3] This username refers to the female genitalia[4] which is very edgy and hardcore[5].

-One time someone built a chic-fil-a.

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