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Squareblob's Potential Nitpicks

I am going through the top pages seeing what could possibly be improved. They are still all good pages etc. and these suggestions are not prescriptive.

To fit more with standards perhaps unbold : Currently there is a immigration campaign, if you are looking for a place to join, speak with any Lusitan Authority to request citizenship. - As well as removing any of the other bolding for emphasis : with a prime minister elected every fortnight.

Additionally the summary at the top ends somewhat abruptly : It's a small rural economy. and could use another sentence or two to go into more detail. Many, probably most readers will not bother to read full pages and thus should be able to get the essence of a nation from the summary alone.

Finally it is not necessary to link the same thing multiple times in a page. There are perhaps too many red links for pages unlikely to ever get made. This is a problem with most pages in the wiki.