Royal Lusitan Corporation

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Royal Lusitan Corporation
HeadquartersOlimpia, Lusitania (CivMC)
Number of Locations1
Key PeopleArtificialDriver (CEO)
PCRato06 (CFO)
Number of Employees2
Preceded byROC
SubsidiariesRoyal Olimpian Company (ROC) Royal Cascais Industries (RCI)
ProductsXP & XP Materials
Building Materials
CoordinatesLusitania Store:


Historical Data
Established in28th June 2022
Contact Data

The Royal Lusitan Corporation, also known as RLC or simply Royal Corp. is a Lusitan conglomerate specialized in the sale of XP, building materials and consumer goods. The corporation offers goods ranging from compacted stone, oak and sand to dyes and XP.

The Charter of the Royal Lusitan Corporation is the founding document of the business and indicates how the company operates. Amendments are made to improve its structures and allow for more growth in the future. The Charter may be found here.

The Royal Lusitan Corporation has its planned Headquarters in Olimpia, Lusitania and is the first de facto enterprise to be established in Lusitania.