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xbarteg or Barteg is a Civ player who is mostly known for not playing and engaging in discordcraft in the Icarus discord.

Barteg doing something other than playing Civ
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsNone
Known For
  • Not playing
  • Discordcraft
Main ResidenceIcarus Discord
Former Citizenships Icarus (Second Republic)
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivMC
Iterations played onCivMC


Barteg was invited to play CivMC and join Icarus by SOGGYHOBO, he played at SOTW for 2 days having a total playtime of 20 minutes.

Barteg's first weekly activity check screenshot
Barteg's second weekly activity check screenshot
Barteg's third weekly activity check screenshot
Barteg's latest weekly activity check screenshot asking for his citizenship back.
Barteg doing his favourite past time

He insists he should still be a citizen and be able to run for parliament as he posts in weekly activity of him playing.[1]