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The Pridelands is an independent nation on CivMC situated in the -,+ on the continent of Deluvia and led by oldfriend Bstallio. Its primary territory is located in the far southeast of Deluvia, and it maintains an exclave on the Lionsgate Archipelago in the Southern Sea as well as a jointly-administered island within the Imperial Federation. It became a part of the Imperial Federation on the 20 September 2022, and seceded on 15 February 2023.

The Pridelands
Location-2250, 9350 on the continent of Deluvia
Activity levelInactive
(as of 12 August 2023)
Capital cityPride Rock (ceremonial) Freeport (administrative)
TerritoriesLionsgate Archipelago
Island of Feline
GovernmentLibertarian Republic
Governing documentPridelands Constitution
• Supreme Chancellor
• Founder


• Steward of the Pride
Foundation date3rd July, 2022
Succeeded by Pride Isles



War with Hyperborea

In early July of 2022, Blartlol and Bstallio raided the capital of the Hyperborean Confederation, the northern neighbor to the Pridelands. When a group of Hyperboreans came to the Pridelands, Bstallio claimed Blartlol was not a member of the Pridelands, despite having his name on a building.

Leadership Change

On 12 November 2022, Bstallio announced that he would be stepping back from CivMC for the time being, naming s0uthw3st and wilwithonel as "Stewards of the Pride" and giving them the authority to act on the Supreme Chancellor's behalf. He also declared Freeport the "regional capital" of the Pridelands, noting that most of the active population lived in the Lionsgate Archipelago, while retaining Pride Rock as the ceremonial capital.


Driven by dissatisfaction with the nation's treatment by the rest of the Imperial Federation and growing tensions within the IF Senate, Bstallio invoked the Treaty of Ascension on 24 January 2023 and requested negotiations for secession - in response, King_Cupar abdicated and handed the crown of the Imperial Federation to Jalhf. Following the stabilization of the IF government and the election of Chancellor ComradeSankara, an arrangement was struck between both governments, and the Two Lions Concordat was signed on 15 February 2023. The primary provisions of the Concordat concerned shared access to infrastructure and the status of the Island of Feline, which was retained as a jointly-administered zone within the IF and managed by the Pridelands.


Jarldom of Pride Rock

Jarldom of Freeport

The island now known as Freeport (or Simensen Freeport) was originally part of the Pridelands farming exclave in the Southern Sea, roughly between the Imperial Federation and Iopa. It was later developed into a port city by s0uthw3st, and is the primary settlement in the archipelago. Notable locations include the Freeport Lighthouse and Meadery, the copper fox statue on Marafen Island, and the Hermitage owned by wilwithonel.

Jarldom of Feline Wilds

The nation of FELINE, a furry colony originally part of the Imperial Federation, was granted by its former players to s0uthw3st to administer in their absence - it became a joint territory of the Imperial Federation and Pridelands following Prexit. It is the major farming area of the Pridelands, with several large-scale farms of cold weather crops and a high-altitude spruce tree farm. It is otherwise very sparsely developed, but plans for a new capital city, New Felicity, are in progress.