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The Template:Brick_chart/Bricks draws bricks for {{Brick chart}}. The bricks are displayed as 1, 2 or 3 bar line segments, depending on the offset and count numbers.


  • count - the number (or decimal) to represent by bar line segments
  • offset - the sum of prior count numbers (can be: 2+5+7.8, etc.)
  • stride - width of lines (in number units) in the brick chart (default: 10)
  • color   - a web-color name or number (see all: Web colors).

The height of a bar line segment is 100/{stride}% with default as 10%. The default offset=0, and the full effects of the template can only be seen when run multiple times, with the bar line segments displayed together, as when invoked several times from Template:Brick chart.