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If anyone is bored some ideas of how to improve this page might be

  • Be more specific on districts and history - for example what is the history and drama that had surrounded pinkerton for so long?
  • Be more specific in general CC history - for example how has the Mir and NATO war impacted MtA? What are MtA's relations with other nations and how is it viewed on a world stage?
  • Be more specific in general culture - What are the frequent, always repeated arguments that surround the constitution? What is the history of key areas of the constitution such as it's National Holidays?

All the raw info can easily be found searching the MtA subreddit. There are always 100's of tidbits there - even if you don't write them up it would be nice to collect them somewhere (e.g.

Culture drafting copied from page


shardore, books, shitposting


mta choir, godo composition?


olympics etc.


waffle, art museum, by courthouse


squareblob mspaint, map arts like godo's, pixel art in the sea


some nice buildings

Memetic culture

some memes