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Commanders and Leaders for RI

i've noticed way too much back and forth when it's come to this topic. i haven't researched it myself and so i can't personally say WHO belongs in the commander and leader category, but I just wanted to get one thing straight: being in that category does NOT have to mean that you were also a political leader for the whole country. Whether or not Dani was a leader of RI as a whole is irrelevant to whether or not they belong in the infobox. keep in mind this is about the war specifically, and if Dani made important strategic decisions in a leadership capacity themself, then they belong there. Des23 (talk) 20:55, 5 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

Dani himself has admitted in the bunkies discord that "A typical day in USA was: Vanax/Addie: Hey we are going to do this". Dani has zero control over RI or it's fighters post Thomas and Capri leaving. They just did what they did. From my understanding, Dani didn't call any shots--which makes sense to me.